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Okay, been struggling with writing this all out so here it goes.

Rambling stuff about the con! Click here! )
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We are pleased to announce that registration for What The Fur 2013 is now officially open!

Our Early Bird registration rates will be available from now until November 31st. On December 1st, the prices will change. Visit our Registration Page for details, and for the link to register for the convention.

All memberships are available! Regular, Sponsor, our new Patron level (which includes a meal in the Tour de Ville restaurant), and even our extremely-limited Lifetime Membership levels are all open!

And Dealers, you can also now register for your tables! Don't delay on getting your tables as even though we have a larger dealers' den, it's aiming to fill up.

To register just go to register.whatthefur.ca

AND a bonus...
We're going out of our way to try and make 2013 the best possible convention you could attend. To that end, we've secured a deal!
For those of you planning to attend What The Fur, and who might consider taking the train within Canada, VIA Rail is happily offering you a discount on the travel for trips between May 14th and 21st! You just have to book your trips online using our code. Check our travel page for details.

Why take the train? Well, it's more comfortable than the bus, and the main Montreal train station is just three blocks from the hotel! No complicated in-city travel planning is needed!

What The Fur?: Fairy Tails
May 17-19 2013
Delta Centre Ville, Montreal

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…there was a mountain. But this wasn’t just any mountain. This mountain was royal. It’s wooded slopes were the home to all manner of creatures. After many years, the trees gave way to the expansion of a kingdom. Giant buildings made of shining glass were erected, roads and causeways were created to aid in the delivering of goods and services. But the animals still remained, and thrived. Annually, folk from other kingdoms come to visit the Royal Mountain. They come from lands near and far for one purpose: To celebrate.
The pumpkin carriages are parked, the orchestra has struck the first note, and the banquet is awaiting. What The Fur 2013 is ready to receive you to our Fairy Tale kingdom! We’re pleased to announce that our fourth convention is building up nicely, with the staff rallying their elves and fairy godmothers to help.

What The Fur? Fairy Tales
May 17-19 2013
Montreal, QC, Canada

In this issue:
  • Our New Dates
  • Our New Hotel
  • Guest of Honour!
  • Enough with the new, where’s the stuff we like?
  • We need your help to make this happen!

Click here to read the whole thing
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What The Fur has come and gone, and without any reservations I can say that this was the best convention I have ever attended and the absolute best that I have ever helped build. But the thanks don’t only lie with the great team of people that helped make it what it is, but also with all of you: the people who came. The people who had fun, who ran panels and who sold artwork of all kinds in the Dealers Den, the volunteers that arrived and said “How can I help?”. Thank you for making this convention what it is: Unique.
In the years I have been helping to run events, none has brought a smile to my face like What The Fur has. After this weekend I got home, collapsed, and smiled. I was exhausted, my feet hurt, but I was so happy that I saw so many smiles over the weekend. I’m still riding that rush. Others come to WTF and say that this is the best convention they attend. Now, after our third and best year, I see what they see. So thank you so very much.
As I said at the closing ceremonies, What The Fur has grown. We had an amazing 282 people come to Montreal for the weekend, and from everything I saw, heard, and felt, I think everyone had a good time. 282 people is amazing, and it gives me reason to push forward and work hard to ensure 2013 holds an even better con for people.
I want to once again apologise for the lack of a parade. For those who aren’t aware, or did not know the reasons for the cancellation, we got hit in two ways. Though we love the Hotel Espresso, it is a little too small for an indoor parade of Fursuiters so we hold our parade outside on the streets of Montreal. The first downfall was the weather. Rain plus fursuits equals no fun. The second reason was the protests happening in downtown Montreal. We just couldn’t take the chance of something going wrong. To my knowledge, the protests actually took place just a few blocks from the hotel on Saturday night. So I want to thank all of our guests again for their understanding, and I promise that in 2013 we will definitely find a way to make the parade happen.
More than that, and one that does bring a tear (well, more than one) to my eye, is what we did for our charity, the Ecomuseum (www.ecomuseum.ca ). All of you gave so generously. So much so that although we did not reach the original goal of $5000, we more than surpassed what we raised last year. Today Myself, Firebreath and Manny visited the Ecomuseum and presented them with the $4150.93 that was raised! The staff at the Ecomuseum were blown away, and wanted to pass on their thanks and gratitude to you all. I myself was blown away. And again, though we didn’t raise the original amount, more than $4000 was enough to tip the scales and make this chairbunny bald. I know there were many of you out there filming as I was cuffed to the chair and as my hair was removed fully. I stand by this even if it does seem to make me cooler (temperature-wise, not status-wise).
As a double hit, the hair that had been growing for 14 years will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to be used to produce wigs for those who have lost hair due to cancer treatments.

In closing, again I want to thank all of you. For making the convention the best time that could be had, and for giving so much. You are what makes it all worth the effort. I hope to see you all next year!

Chris “Feli” Pilgrim
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What The Fur is less than a month out, and the nervousness is starting to set in.
Will folks like the changes we've made? The tweaks?
I certainly hope so. Some folks have done a heckuva lot of work, and I'm damned proud of them, and of the convention.
I have to say, honestly, that I am so very much looking forward to June 1st.

Oh, and I have made a promise. Folks know that I have long hair. I have been growing it long ever since I re-met MAnlantrio, so that dates back to 1998. Well, here's the deal:
IF, in the course of the convention we raise over $5000 for our charity - The EcoMuseum -  and it has to be $5000 or higher, I will...
I will shave my head.

Yes, I will go bald. But, this isn't for me. Because *IF* we raise over $5000 and I *DO* take my hair off it will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to be made into wigs.

So, am I crazy? Sure. But crazy for a cause.
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Okay, this little rant has been brewing in my mind for a long time, and I think I have had just enough port to grease the wheels to let it out.

Dear Furry Fandom,

Please, if you're not 100% sure you represent every single furry in the fandom when you comment on something, DON'T. (That should be a hint, but read on if you dare)
It seems that everytime some news outlet, some magasine, podcast, flyer-artist, you-name-it brings up furry, there is an inevitable need for someone to stand up, don the armour and boldly and loudly state "We're not all like that!" "That's only a small percentage!" and "But that's not what Furry is about!"

Isn't it?

If it weren't what some facet of furry was about, don't you think it would never come to light? Don't you think the point would be moot? I often hear cries of the media portraying us as sexual deviants. Fursuiters, all of us, in the halls of convention hotels humping each other. Really? The last few articles I have read on the fandom have been, honestly, rather well done. Sure, there's the crap that Vanity Fair put out. How many of you read the article? Now, how many of you furries actually READ Vanity Fair on a regular basis? How many of your friends do? Think about that for a moment.
Now, sure, CSI used Furries. They used it as a hook for a story. There was some sexual stuff involved. Okay, and? Have any of you been on Tapestries? Furry Muck? Second Life? Give me a break. Sure, we who run your conventions are careful about what goes on at a con. We have rules for public decency. But the show used it as a hook. Get over it. It was 9 years ago. So many of the people in the fandom weren't at the time of airing.

Now to my point. Recently, a newscaster here locally, on a morning show, brought up furries. Some of the commenters on the Facebook brought up the sexual aspect. Like, twice.
And the first comment by a fur was mine. the second and third were other furries. None of us even brought up the taboo subject. But the fourth and onward were mostly "Oh, and we're not about the sex! Really we're not!" "Don't think we're about the sex!" "The people who say we're about the sex are wrong!"

What do you think people - General populace people out there reading this blog - are going to take away from that and remember? Right: The word Sex, and the association with Furries. Damned the message these people were trying to put across, the defence was so strong it works negatively. All people will remember is the word Furry and the word Sex. PING! Now they have the exact misconception you were trying to argue against!

Feli's advice: Keep your muzzle shut. Don't even respond to the sex crap. Just don't. Talk directly about the good we do. The conventions, the charities we support, the events we attend, the people we make smile. Don't even MENTION anything else. Because I think Shakespeare put it best: " "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." If you argue too hard against a point, people will believe the original point.
So just drop it.

There. My two cents. Agree or don't.
This has been a (rare) rant from a bunny.
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Okay folks, the time is now.
Are you Canadian?
Are you a furry?
...Well, that last one isn't necessary.

Join our team, the Furries & Fuzzies, at the Walk so Kids Can Talk on Sunday, May 6.

Register and join the team online using the link below. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. Let's show them what Furries can do.


Once you’re registered, you can invite your friends, family and co-workers to pledge you online. The pledges you raise will help support children and youth mental health and well-being by ensuring professional counsellors are available 24/7/365 to every kid in need, no matter the issue or the concern. The pledges also help you earn great incentive prizes.

Not in Montreal? No worries! The walk is being held in many cities across Canada. Join the walk locally! And, weather permitting, it's a great opportunity (and excuse) to go fursuiting!

Can't go to a walk in a city near you? Don't want to join our team or are already on one? Support us! We're $5 from our goal, and the more we raise, the better it will be for those helped by the line! pledge here:

Visit  http://www.walksokidscantalk.ca for more information.
Let's help those who need it most.
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As the convention creeps closer, some of us think of some important things. Things such as “Do I need to pack that sketchbook?”, “Did I set the alarm before laying down?” or “Do I need that extra pair of underwear?” But the sad reality is, most of us forget that sketchbook (and yes, even the underwear) now and then. One thing that also gets forgotten is making sure you have a place to stay for your visit.

For those of you coming in from out of town, the Hotel Espresso is still offering us a room rate of $110 CDN per night, but the deal isn’t without its end date. The deal ends on May 6th! So if you haven’t made your arrangements with the hotel for a room yet, get on it! The room rate is available for anyone staying at the hotel from May 31st to June 4th, so you can even spend an extra day checking out the sights! Just be sure to mention you’re going to What The Fur when you call the hotel to reserve your room (that would be -514-938-4611 or 1-877-468-3550). Sadly, getting the good rate on the rooms isn’t available online, but if you call, the people working at the main desk of the hotel know us and love us.
If you’re looking for someone to share a room with, we have our forums available on the website, and there is also our Livejournal or Dreamwidth groups for sending requests.

Just 8 more weeks until the creatures of the night come out of hiding!

Oh, and don’t forget the underwear.

What The Fur
June 1-3 2012, Montreal
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On May 6th, in cities across Canada, people will walk to help raise awareness.

Every day, young people in Canada are experiencing the cruelty of bullying, the loneliness of depression, or are feeling the pressures to succeed, compete, or conform. No matter the reason, every young person who reaches out to Kids Help Phone is struggling with their emotional well-being.

As a charity, Kids Help Phone relies on the generosity of donors to ensure the 6.5 million of young people in Canada have continued access to free, professional counselling, information and referrals, when and how they need it most.

Please pledge me. With your support, kids, teens and young adults in our community can continue receiving the help they need and the hope they deserve 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you're willing, go and walk. If you're a fursuiter, go walk in fursuit. and if you go or not, please sign up and gtet pledges and donations by joining our team, or pledge someone already on the team.

Let's show them what good Furries can do in the world!
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Madness, isn't it? Read up on registration, dealers and artists, gaming, and a call for presenters and volunteers!

Just click here to read the whole thing!

What The Fur
June 1-3 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Quote of the day, from the esteemed Mr. George Hrab's latest podcast (Here's the link, about 48 minutes in). I have snipped a couple of direct name references, but somehow, I feel this should apply to furries, and sci-fi fans, and, well, everyone. It just rang... true somehow. Whenever we all hate on someone making an ass of themselves for the media... think of this.

" [...] This is true of almost anything, where the the people that are vehement, the people that are posting, the people that are painting themselves the colours of the football team - you know, in zero degree weather - do not necessarily represent the vast majority of people that enjoy football, or like [the band] Yes, or like black and white movies. You know, the people that are vehement, the people that are vocal that make the press are often the ones that are the most extreme - that don't necessarily represent the larger majority of how people are or how people behave. A community can get swept up in the furor and the feeling righteous of a particular situation [...] .
It is a wonderful feeling to feel justifiably angry. It's a strange thing that we humans, I think, all share. When that guy cuts you off and is being a douche-nozzle, your anger - your justifiable anger - in a strange way feels really good. And I think a lot of people look for justifiable means of angry expression. And in many unhealthy ways they find it in places or with people [...] where they can feel righteous, they can feel... ooooh, I am standing up for the morals of this community, I am representing Jeebuz in the right way. And it doesn't excuse it, it doesn't say that it's right, it doesn't mean that you still shouldn't tamp that down, but it's understandable. And in[...] many a community that might share something like that these feelings can get whipped up and the fervour that is associated with it is a feeling of righteous anger. [...] Communities like feeling angry for a legitimate reason [...] like to feel angry if they feel their anger is justified.And unfortunately that justification line is burred often, and when you introduce non-critical thinking that justification like gets even more blurred and you end up having people that can call [them] an evil little thing. That does not reflect directly to what [they] are.

This entry was first posted to my Google+ at https://plus.google.com/u/0/115523172430042210660/posts/aLHnWw9TEVn.
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I need your help. I am trying to find a function in SQL to replace carriage returns/tabs/whatever when I run a select statement from a table. The column type is a Memo. I do not want to removce them from the actual entry, just from the return and replace them with a space character.
So far, nothing I have found seems to be working.
(and yeah, I'm using ancient versions of SQL and ASP)

For an explanation, I have the following:
*SELECT Blah1, Blah2, Blah3, BlahDate, Comments FROM TehDataBase where yadda LIKE yadda and such and stuff*

The Comments column is a Memo field. People have entered data using commas, CRs, etc...
I am pulling the data into a CSV, and am getting some rather whacked-out results from that column. I just need to strip the return of *Comments* to replace the CR/LF/Tab/comma and replace them with, say, a dash or a period or something.

Au Secour SVP? Anyone? Beueler?


Feb. 23rd, 2012 04:59 pm
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Get better from lung crap. Check.
Then, today, AFTER lunch at work, I get kidney stone pain. Think I can stand it, just tell my boss going to be offline for a bit while I go to the can.
Come back when I feel a little better, but still painful. Take one call, then back to the washroom. Come back, tell my boss I want to leave for home. Before she gets confirmation, back to the washroom. get back, and get told from my team that I got permission to leave. Good.
Walking lessened the pain, so I walked a few bus stops while waiting for the bus. Get on the bus and make it about 3/4 of the way home, and have to get off. Can't stand the pain and felt like puking.
Then, walk home, feel better, go right to the washroom. pain flares up. To the point I ask MAnny to call me an ambulance. BUT... being low priority, the ambulance will take a while, so I pace the apartment. In that time, the pain lessens, lessens, and right this moment, I have no pain. So we cancelled the ambulance call.

Why can't my body just give me a break?
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 So, it’s time for an update, is it?

I am sending this to my Google+, livejournal, Dreamwidth, and email to select people in a blitz due to not really being able to use the net at the hospital.  I can’t call anyone long distance from the hospital either, but those concerned can contact MAnlantrio/Karen and get the room number. Not sure though, there isn’t a phone on my side of the room. (It’s on the A side, I’m on the B side).I am still in the hospital. The deal is as follows: Had a cold on Friday and it was going alright. Saturday we went tubing, and I was alright, but probably pushed too hard. Sunday the cold migrated to my lungs. This has triggered an asthma attack as consequence. But not an ordinary asthma attack. My body is still fighting off whatever this infection is, making my white blood cell count very high, and by consequence, my lungs are still in a bad way, fighting it all off.  My blood oxygen level is still a little low according to the doctors, and because of that, the high white cells and the asthma, this is why they are keeping me.

Cut for length )
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So even though i'm not allowed to use cell functions in the hospital, i was informed my management that i would be allowed to use the phone in airplane mode (yay! Games!). So yes, i am, as i am writing this, about to pass the 48 hor mark in the emergency room. I will be posting this when able. (a nice nurse allowed me a quick connection! Yay!)
So what put me in here? Technically, a cold. Realistically, my stupidd body. See, Friday i started a cold. Okay, i can deal with this. An advil cold&sinus kept it at bay until the afternoon, took another when i got home. All good.
Saturday was the amazing Fursuit Snow Tubing. The advil worked again, but i think that the conditions made things worse. sunday i really didn't feel well, so didn't go to brunch. Monday woke up feeling about the same, but was much harder to breathe.
I felt i was overtaking the blue pump, so in the evening i went to the hospital. Been here since. I'm on 3 different puffers every 4 hours, a push of anti-inflamatory every 4 hours, antibiotics in the morning, they're supplying me with my blood pressure medication... Oh, and i've given 7 viles of blood so far (it is Wednesday at 6pm), on the 3rd entry of an IV (the first missed, and the second slipped sometime lastnight)
I've had two prick tests for blood sugar, both say it's okay. But i'm still suffering. Lungs are congested still. Weak, as in walking to the washroom 20 feet away makes me pant for breath. My blood oxygen level is somewhere around 92 ... Should be 100. So yeah, also have the nasal oxygen tube on... And now been through 1 700 page novel, and about 1/4 into the second.
I sould be moving to a semi private room sometime tonight. Once there's a vacancy.

For the record, i think this is a wakeup call for me. I most likely won't be able to do all the things i am used to doing, and it'll likely be a while before i can do the walk to work again. Hell, i'm probably going to be on short term disability due to this. There is no way i am going back this week, and probably not next. First time in ever i have been this bad off.
On the plus side, i've met some very nice folks here in the ER, and witnessed an old woman's progression into dimentia... very not a nice thing.
I'll update this later with more info.
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Today, I am not posting a link to any of the anti-SOPA stuff. I am not going to change my icon, or black out my text. I am not going to go to Wikipedia or bother to look for any of the hundreds of other sites out there with protest messages or black screens.


Because I am not American. Oh, don't get me wrong. To all of my friends and followers in the US: Please, DO go and write your senators or elected officials. DO blank out your websites in protest. DO Make your voices heard.
As a Canadian, however, I have no voice in the politics of the United States. I have no one to write to to make a difference. I have no say in how things should be done. So I am not blanking out my data.

I WILL however, speak my mind. The United States, via it's congress and it's media conglomerates are attempting to impose a global law. They are trying to impose their own laws on sovereign nations. This is something I cannot just sit by and abide. You see, Michael Geist put it best:

[...] the SOPA provisions are designed to have an extra-territorial effect that manifests itself particularly strongly in Canada. As I discussed in a column last year, SOPA treats all dot-com, dot-net, and dot-org domain as domestic domain names for U.S. law purposes. Moreover, it defines "domestic Internet protocol addresses" -- the numeric strings that constitute the actual address of a website or Internet connection -- as "an Internet Protocol address for which the corresponding Internet Protocol allocation entity is located within a judicial district of the United States.
Yet IP addresses are allocated by regional organizations, not national ones. The allocation entity located in the U.S. is called the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Its territory includes the U.S., Canada, and 20 Caribbean nations. This bill treats all IP addresses in this region as domestic for U.S. law purposes. To put this is context, every Canadian Internet provider relies on ARIN for its block of IP addresses. In fact, ARIN even allocates the block of IP addresses used by federal and provincial governments. The U.S. bill would treat them all as domestic for U.S. law purposes.

My website is not American. My blog is not American.
I am not a citizen of the United States.
If your laws are going to have the ability to impact me, and my life, then I should have the right to vote on them and have my say. To have your nation unilaterally decide what is and isn't legal for my nation is tantamount to oppression through politics, invasion of private property, and just a crappy thing to do.

So please, Americans, stand up to your politicians.

That's all.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 09:07 am
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They were calling for about 5cm... we passed that already.
I love winter, and I love snow, but there's a point where the city is just being dumb about it. They'd been forecasting it for a bit. The city gets out the little sidewalk plows. but fails to salt or sand the sidewalks, meaning that while most of the snow is cleared, the rest is compacted into a nice sheet of ice.
My lower back has just now, after an hour of sitting, decided to inform me of how displeased it is with the current walking conditions outside.

That and I need to find my proper toque. The one I did find is a little small.
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What The Fur
June 1-3 2012

It has been a little while since we’ve posted an update, but now is the time.
We hope that everyone is looking forward to June, with anticipation building and the excitement levels rising.
The crew of What The Fur is hard at work, planning what is expected to be the best event yet.

In this edition:
  1. Hotel is open for reservations!
  2. Early Bird Pre-Registration is still on!
  3. Dealers and Artists and Vendors, oh my!
  4. Do you have something to contribute to the convention book?
  5. Programming, programming, programming.
  6. DJs! Make us move!

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Okay, so it's been over a week. I figure I should say a little about this year's FurFright.
First: It was an amazing time. Thank you to all of the staff and colleagues who made it great. Thanks to the DI crew and to the volunteers. Thanks to the pannelists and the presenters. Thanks, of course go to Belic and K'Gra for running the thing, and for giving me the opportunity to help make it a great con.

Second: I didn't attend many of the panels, but did pop my head into some of them. Should have attended more, but I was running around making sure things were working for everyone else. I wasn't the only one doing that, but I guess old habits die hard.
I hope that the fur who was being violently ill on Saturday night is doing okay.

Third: The Dead Dog. Dear gods thank you to everyone who attended this year! I know it wasn't what folks were expecting, and I know that the music I was playing was all over the place, but thank you. I've taken a lot away, and next year we'll do even better! The Thriller dance by the fursuiters (Sorry, I can't remember the organizer's name, Qwik I think??) was absolutely worth the pause. (go find the video on Youtube. Really.)
Next year, I prommise we'll order more pizzas. we went through a record of 24 pizzas in under 10 minutes. I'm lucky to still have fingers! For the pizza though we'll be collecting donations starting at the beginning of the weekend, rather than at the end. After all: Everyone gave so much to the charity. Enough to leave the stage covered in hair-of-Wag. I want to send my thanks out to a few other people: to my assistants for the Dead Dog, Firebreath, Pakesh De. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the room afterwards to return it to something resembling a ballroom.

Yes, a bunch of stuff has been glossed over or omitted. And a lot of people haven't been named, but rest assured the thoughts and memories will remain :)

In closing, I hope I will see some of you come up to enjoy What The Fur in June. Sure, we're not as big or as busy as FurFright, but we're getting there, and for a change of pace, we're the convention to visit.

Work stress

Sep. 8th, 2011 09:58 am
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I think the stresses at work are getting to me. I have so far ranted to about 6 people about my day yesterday, and that was only day 2 of the week. I still have 2 to go.

I have constant mild chest aches, I'm sleeping oddly, irritable, very blasé about a lot of things, just ... yeah. So it's affecting me physically. Just no energy.
I'm just finding myself not caring about the right things, and I don't like not caring about the right things.
Shy of going on short term disability, the next days off I have aren't until FurFright in October.
There's What The Fur, and that makes me smile. It's an accomplishment, something I am proud of. There are my mates and friends, again, things that make me smile. but... that's it. I mean, I get home, open a chat window on the computer, and another on the mu*, and that's all. I don't want to play games, I don't want to cook dinner. I don't want to clean the kitchen, or the livingroom. I don't even want to take corey for a walk. I just play out time until roughly 10pm and then go to bed.

I don't like it at all.
I don't like the aches and pains I have been having, the reflux returning, the sleep patterns that are anything but a pattern. I don't like having high blood pressure. I don't like having people ask me if I want to do something, and me saying no, with no real reason except that I just don't want to. I don't like ... not liking crap.

I want to give a crap again.

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