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So this is my first chance to get anything down. It's been crazy.
The busses were a little funky thismorning, less people than normal out there. No traffic, and an awful lot of sirens going along the highway.
As we passed the small strip mall in Lachine there were some people milling about in the parking lot. But then again, it's a nice day out there. Good to see people out.

No calls coming in, and no one is here. Hell, it was so dead for most of the morning, then the calls pretty much stopped. The few people in are slowly being sent home. 

But after reading things online, I think I'm staying put for now. The power flickered a little while ago, but the building has switched to the generator. It'll last a while, it did on Tuesday after the storm hit.

I haven't heard from [profile] khydeeauntaor [profile] dolphin_lover so I hope they're okay. K is at home so I hope she's locked the doors. [profile] firebreathxiii just made it here, and [profile] sirdidymus has been here since earlier, so it seems alright on that front.

There was something online about a comet or something. Gotta read more.

Thank gods we're in a Bell building. The cell phones are still working, as well as the mobile net. The doors are all on magnetic locks, so as long as the generator holds...

Will check back later. Stay safe folks. 


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