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So, we're on the way back to Montreal. I'm using net from the VIA Rail net access (little slow, but I figure I know why, so it's all good)
Train car is FULL of kids eating St.Hubert's chicken.
My battery will die momentarily.
All is good, and I will be home around 20:00-ish (home being Mtl).
C-ACE kicked tail, as usual. Full report on the tear-inducing, laughter-filled weekend to come in a few days.

So I'm out before the battery dies! until later!
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Today is day 1 of the last C-ACE we'll ever see.
Gods I'm up early.

Headding off to Ottawa after we get picked up. I won't be back to Montreal until Tuesday night.

For those going to C-ACE: See you there!
For those not: Be good! (and why aren't you there? :P )
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Programming Grid is Online!  
Well, the convention is 2 days away, and just in time I present to you the official 2007 C-ACE Programming Guide!

set your browsers to: http://programming.c-ace.org  or http://schedule.c-ace.org

Panels are subjec to to change with little or no notice. However this is the most up-to-date (current as of 10:45pm on June 6th) information that we can provide. Carry-out copies will be made available at the convention.
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come to C-ACE!

Or else... or else... umm... I'll send Holly-Ann after you with bows!
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Last call for anyone who is thinking of hosting a workshop or panel at C-ACE 2007.

If you're interested, please contact me by IM or by email.
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Because I'm a nice guy, I agreed to do some overtime today.
Only 3 hours, but this means I'm at work from noon until 3.
We'll see what it's like.

And Friday coming up, I had asked for the day off, sent my request, then found out I'll need to be in to train a couple of people on Sympatico stuff that day as they'll be bouncing onto our queue next week. So I modified my request to my TM to say I'd work the morning shift rather than the afternoon/evening. 
When I got in there was a wonderful post-it on my monitor from my TM saying, quote, "Merci Christ pour Vendredi soir avec <agent name>" (francophones have a habbit of adding the 't' to my name for some reason)
Methinks I'll have to discuss this tomorrow.


In other news, been playing Vanguard, thanks to [profile] firebreathxiii. I'm enjoying it so far. Not a bad game. Just wish I had a very slightly better video card to play it on. 


In other other news, I will soon be starting my annual hunt for presenters and panellists for C-ACE 2007. Those of you interested, let me know! To the rest of you: be warned, you might receive an official-looking email sometime in the next week or so.


In other (x3) news, I will be cooking for the potluck thing for [profile] monfurnext weekend. People be warned. You will be expected to try some. And for those of you who haven't put your names on the events page yet, put them there!
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That's right! The official up-to-date 2006 Programming Schedule is now online!
Please visit programming.c-ace.org to see the schedule and plan your weekend!
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Alright, the schedule for programming is coming!
Expect a copy to be made available for panellists and guests by Monday, May 22nd.

Anyone interested in hosting a panel please email programming@c-ace.org with your idea or offer and we'll see what can be done.

Programming Director
C-ACE 2006
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1) Fridge comes today. I hope. Yay for refridgeration!
2) DarkBunny Radio is back up and hopefully a little more stable. my router keeps doing these reboot things and swapping my IP address, so I've gotten it fixed... I think. And the website is all niftified!
3) Work schedules changed a little, no longer have to work Saturdays or holidays, this is nice.
4) [livejournal.com profile] khydeeaunta is finally up here and all of our stuff is out of Ottawa... wow.
5) [livejournal.com profile] trippingpossum! Contact [livejournal.com profile] niall_!
6) [livejournal.com profile] demonalissa! Make [livejournal.com profile] trippingpossum read #5!
7) Coffee is nice.
8) Still need to hang out with folks up here soonish. [livejournal.com profile] khydeeaunta has a plan for a D&D setting... I need some good games to play in.

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