felinaeus: (Con*Cept 2008)
So, onto day 2.
I have got:
-1 Steampunk-ish ring. Pic will come later.
-1 20 (roughly) foot Dr. Who scarf, Tom-Baker style. (Thanks Twitchy!)
-2 sore feet
-1 sleep deprivation
-4 coffees
-5 new friendships
-1 renewed hobby (fandom?)

It was a good day overall. Got to enjoy some of the convention. The Masquerade was fun. The dance also.

Thismorning was the brunch, and food was very good. Coffee moreso.
Well, that's it until tonight, if I am still awake after getting home. Later folks! If you need me you know how to get a hold of me!
felinaeus: (Con*Cept 2008)
*gasp* an Icon-version of a pic taken 5 minutes ago at the con! Wow!

So I got out of work early on Friday, and headded straight to the Days Hotel. We had spent the night before setting up ( Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] insane_foxx  and [livejournal.com profile] loopywolf for the help).
The art show (my little space) is a little empty. One artist having balked at 'being in the basement' and pulling his 5 art panels into a dealer room table. I was not too happy about that. But such is life. Twitchy, MAnny and myself went to supper at Dunn's afterward, then home.

The people attending are great, and I hope to make it out of my little room in the basement and explore the grandness of the convention shortly.
I love using the net sharing on my phone to the laptop :P
More to come when I'm more tired, more stressed...

Not going to be staff next year here at Con*Cept. I have my own little project on the way :)

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