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So the progres report for What The Fur is nearly finished. I love how, just as I think I'm nearly done with the thing something new needs to be added or corrected. But things are progressing well. It feels like it will be better than I hoped it would be for the first year.
I'm curious about how many of you who are reading this will be in attendance this June. How many people out there will go? Why will you go? What would get you to go to WTF? What would you like to see there or do while there?

Enquiring minds and all...

In other con-related-type-stuff, I'm looking forward to Furnal Equinox in March. It'll be good to visit Toronto again after all this time. To see some folks I haven't in a long time.
I'm also looking forward to both Con*Cept and FurFright this fall. I think this is the year I start to attend more conventions, rather than just run them.


Jan. 8th, 2010 01:53 pm
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Registered I have.
Attend I will.

Done, this is.
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I have the What The Fur contract.
All I have to do is sign it and everything is an official, non-stop go.
I feel all tingly :) I mean, this makes everything fully official, and I get to put my name to it all.

For those of you on the edge of your seats, this means that yes, Hotel Room reservations will shortly be open. Even if the hotel has already indicated they will accept them already, give me 48 hours to finalize it all. Then the big announcement will be made and you can flood us with your love and support!

Things are moving along at a pace that I like, and things are falling into place nicely.
If you haven't already, and are interested in keeping up with all things What The Fur, sign up for our progress reports or join our forums.

In other convention news, to all of our (potential) dealers and vendors... believe me when I say that the situation that happened with Blind Ferret Entertainment (Looking For Group, Least I could Do) and Dragon*Con will not happen at WTF.
If you're curious, read up on their forum here:
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*gasp* an Icon-version of a pic taken 5 minutes ago at the con! Wow!

So I got out of work early on Friday, and headded straight to the Days Hotel. We had spent the night before setting up ( Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] insane_foxx  and [livejournal.com profile] loopywolf for the help).
The art show (my little space) is a little empty. One artist having balked at 'being in the basement' and pulling his 5 art panels into a dealer room table. I was not too happy about that. But such is life. Twitchy, MAnny and myself went to supper at Dunn's afterward, then home.

The people attending are great, and I hope to make it out of my little room in the basement and explore the grandness of the convention shortly.
I love using the net sharing on my phone to the laptop :P
More to come when I'm more tired, more stressed...

Not going to be staff next year here at Con*Cept. I have my own little project on the way :)


Sep. 17th, 2008 06:06 pm
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Just fielding ideas here.

Were you to start a Furry Convention, in your opinion, what are the most important things to have?
What events/areas/workshops/etc... do you, as a convention goer (or concom) feel should be present?
What are the best things you've seen and/or experienced at conventions past, wherever they may be?
What kinds of guests are important? Are guests even important at all?

(Yes, this is going somewhere. No, I won't divulge it yet. Yes, I'm probably talking to myself.)

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