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Okay, been struggling with writing this all out so here it goes.

Rambling stuff about the con! Click here! )
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Okay, so it's been over a week. I figure I should say a little about this year's FurFright.
First: It was an amazing time. Thank you to all of the staff and colleagues who made it great. Thanks to the DI crew and to the volunteers. Thanks to the pannelists and the presenters. Thanks, of course go to Belic and K'Gra for running the thing, and for giving me the opportunity to help make it a great con.

Second: I didn't attend many of the panels, but did pop my head into some of them. Should have attended more, but I was running around making sure things were working for everyone else. I wasn't the only one doing that, but I guess old habits die hard.
I hope that the fur who was being violently ill on Saturday night is doing okay.

Third: The Dead Dog. Dear gods thank you to everyone who attended this year! I know it wasn't what folks were expecting, and I know that the music I was playing was all over the place, but thank you. I've taken a lot away, and next year we'll do even better! The Thriller dance by the fursuiters (Sorry, I can't remember the organizer's name, Qwik I think??) was absolutely worth the pause. (go find the video on Youtube. Really.)
Next year, I prommise we'll order more pizzas. we went through a record of 24 pizzas in under 10 minutes. I'm lucky to still have fingers! For the pizza though we'll be collecting donations starting at the beginning of the weekend, rather than at the end. After all: Everyone gave so much to the charity. Enough to leave the stage covered in hair-of-Wag. I want to send my thanks out to a few other people: to my assistants for the Dead Dog, Firebreath, Pakesh De. Couldn't have done it without you. Thanks to everyone who helped clean up the room afterwards to return it to something resembling a ballroom.

Yes, a bunch of stuff has been glossed over or omitted. And a lot of people haven't been named, but rest assured the thoughts and memories will remain :)

In closing, I hope I will see some of you come up to enjoy What The Fur in June. Sure, we're not as big or as busy as FurFright, but we're getting there, and for a change of pace, we're the convention to visit.
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Hello friends!
Who amongst you are going to FurFright this year? Hopefully a bunch.
And of those of you going, how many are thinking of attending the Dead Dog?
All of you, right? Right??

I ask because this year I have the privilege of hosting the FurFright Dead Dog party!
I want to know what you folks would want to hear played!
We're not going to have a pitch black room this year. not that it was ever pitch black, but you know what I mean. This year, we're going to have a party to celebrate the demise of yet another FurFright. And I want this to be for everyone going!
Donations will be accepted at con to help with the ordering of foodstuffs.

So let me know what you think! Let me know what you'd like!

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