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So at 70.8km. nearly halfway there. so long as it isn't thunderstorming tonight when I leave work I'll be over halfway to my goal.
The wind is a little up. was afraid it was going to rain on me on the way in, but it held off.

Phone is now running WinMo 6.5, customizing it as I go. so far performance is good. Better than on the stock Bell rom I was using before.

need grogeries. I don't mind scrabbling food, but having more choice is good. Though, my onion-oil-random spices pasta sauce turned out rather well. Needed more garlic, though.

Need new shoes. See last post.

Need more coffee. The machine stuff at work is barely drinkable, but it'll do for now.

Need more braincells. mmmm... brains....

lastly, been thinking of touching up the Feli suit again. So i'll need to go to a fabric store. Need to make new paws, tail.

What do you need?
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Okay. By semi-popular demand, here's the photos of the suit.
It's sans-gloves (because they're too damned tight to put on right now and need fixing)


Laugh all you want, I know I am ;P


Oct. 30th, 2006 08:37 pm
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So, the week of hurting my fingers with a small sharp piece of metal paid off.
The Fursuit Bowling event went excellently. Good turn out, many costumes.
And, surprisingly, I only managed 2 very small split seams. Considering that I put the whole thing together by hand, stitched every single thing on it, I'm impressed. Even the face got some compliments (there will be some pictures once I get home and take some. Regrettably, none were taken on my camera). But I now have some touch ups and whatnot to complete on it I guess. I'm just happy it worked.
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So suit building by hand isn't all that bad.
I'm doing it in three parts.
Part the first: Pants. Well, lower half anyways.
-This is pretty much accomplished. They are built. Now I just have to finish the beltline (waist) and the ankles, and they're done. Pictures will be posted tonight. The jean-shorts now look old and used and fit nicely over them. The last bit of the lower half is the tail. I have to figure out how to reconstruct it a little (the one I do have from an old costume is a wee bit small)

Part the second: Shirt.
-This is tonight's project. I'll be pulling apart an old t-shirt for the basic pattern. The main part of this will be easy. Sleves just being simple tubes attaching. What I am going to have fun with are the gloves.

Part the third: Head.
This is going to be the hardest part. The ears I already have. The basic neck/side coverings are the easiest part. the face is what is puzzling me. I have an idea on how to make the form, but it's going to take some time and skill to make it work. It's probably going to look like crap, mind you.

Any suggestions on easily improvisational materials for the face?
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Many Metres of malleable melanoid material will soon be made into something presentable (I hope) for the fursuit bowling next weekend.

Step one accomplished: purchase of material for main body covering

let's see if I remember my mad sewing skills from grade 8

Step two: measure, mark and cut.

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