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Good Thing: Tool at work that I developped and put in place is working very well. No major issues or complaints.

Bad Thing: Throat is sore since yesterday evening. No clue what it is. Might be an infection, so will have to keep an eye on it. Better today, though.

Good Thing: I am going to be DJing at a rather sizeable Birthday thingy in a couple of months. I have the music, but must get more.

Bad Thing: need to figure out sound equipment for this as I do not have large speakers.

Good Thing: What The Fur is moving along

Bad Thing: Need more hours in the day to move it along faster.

Good Thing: umm... Weather! It is absolutely gorgeous out there today!

Bad Thing: ... I have to work on this gorgeous day.
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I find myself feeling comfortable here in Montreal. It's been very easy to slip into the area. feels a hell of a lot like Ottawa, but the corner stores... sorry, Depaneurs, sell beer.
I need to start getting active in the fur community here. I know a few of the folks, and some respect has been earned, but I'm still going to be an outsider, because I'm not from here.
Not sure about... other... communities. I has so many fingers in so many pies in Ottawa. I knew who to contact, or who would know who to contact. For spiritual things. For music things. For... other things ;) But for that I still have the Owners.

But in a non-natural way... the weather here is wrong. It moves funny. Feels funny. But only after sos much exposure to it. The energy currents also move differently here. not as predictable. not as... linear.
some of me is deminished, while other aspects are emerging.

More in posts to various filters in the near future.
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