Jul. 24th, 2007 03:49 pm
felinaeus: (sad)
Okay. I figure it's time for a little bit of a more realistic update on life, the universe, and , if not everything, something.

The move went well. We're settling into our new place happily. Although it's still not quite finished yet (the upper kitchen cupboards need installing, the bathroom needs to be finished and my office needs painting) the place is comfy. It's big. Much bigger than I'm used to. and comfy carpet! But we now need to get a vaccuum cleaner :P
Also need to get Half&Half some toys. She probably gets bored and lonely when K and I are both at work.
We have some furniture, but not too much. Still a lot of unpacking to do.

Hinging on the move, work. Travel time has been cut drastically. Only 1 bus and a 12 minute walk to and from the stop to catch it. Not too bad at all.  30 minute bus ride and I'm there :).

Work has been gearing up for changes. Massive changes in the product we support. All of them hitting on this Sunday. I can't say more for security restrictions but I'll just say this: It'll make my job busier and yet easier at the same time.

On the 'Stuff' front, C-ACE is over. On the heels of that, though, I am now the Art Director for Con*Cept. Come!
I'll be stopping in at Anthrofest on Saturday, but not for the whole weekend.

A couple of other things will be hidden in a super-secret subsequent post.

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