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The STM (drivers this time) may be going on strike. they voted in favour of it.
Now, this does not make me the happiest camper in the world, as it affects me. BUT I don't like how some people are viewing it. Montreal has some of the least-expensive transit prices in Canada.

Yes, the drivers are making a good wage. better than a lot of people. But to play the devil's advocate, they do not have the laziest job in the world. You get on that bus, the driver is responsible for you. They are responsible with the lives of a few hundred, if not thousand, people each day. Each. You get behind the wheel of a vehicle and you're suddenly responsible for anyone who is in there with you. 

They haven't been working with a contract for over a year. They're asking for a 2% raise. 2%. On a wage of $25/hr that equates to $0.50 an hour. (again, on average). Since last year they have been on a work-to-rule campaign, so there was no impact to the clientel. I can understand how, after a year with nothing happening, the STM investing money in new boxes on the busses and new turnstyles in the metro stations but not on their drivers would frustrate them.

Honestly, if you think it's such a great job why not apply to do it yourself? I mean, the STM has been practically begging for more drivers this year because they don't have enough.

Now, on the other side of the coin, I don't like the idea of a transit strike. It makes getting around hell for me, living in Lasalle. But I've lived through the mechanics' strike here, and I've lived through a full shutdown of OC Transpo in Ottawa twice. I'll live this one out too.

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