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What The Fur
June 1-3 2012

It has been a little while since we’ve posted an update, but now is the time.
We hope that everyone is looking forward to June, with anticipation building and the excitement levels rising.
The crew of What The Fur is hard at work, planning what is expected to be the best event yet.

In this edition:
  1. Hotel is open for reservations!
  2. Early Bird Pre-Registration is still on!
  3. Dealers and Artists and Vendors, oh my!
  4. Do you have something to contribute to the convention book?
  5. Programming, programming, programming.
  6. DJs! Make us move!

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We received this communiqué from our Programming Director. After some deciphering, we are posting the text as best we could make out.

A new year has arrived and like zombies rising from the grave it’s time to gear up for What The Fur 2011. )

Nous avons reçu ce communiqué de notre directeur de la programmation. Après quelques déchiffrage, voici le texte mieux nous pourrions faire.

Une nouvelle année est arrivée et comme les zombies ont déjà commencés à se lever, il est grand temps de s’armer pour What The Fur 2011.  )

What The Fur 2011
June 3-5
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The 2nd What The Fur Progress Report is now available on our website.

Please visit http://whatthefur.ca for details
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So the progres report for What The Fur is nearly finished. I love how, just as I think I'm nearly done with the thing something new needs to be added or corrected. But things are progressing well. It feels like it will be better than I hoped it would be for the first year.
I'm curious about how many of you who are reading this will be in attendance this June. How many people out there will go? Why will you go? What would get you to go to WTF? What would you like to see there or do while there?

Enquiring minds and all...

In other con-related-type-stuff, I'm looking forward to Furnal Equinox in March. It'll be good to visit Toronto again after all this time. To see some folks I haven't in a long time.
I'm also looking forward to both Con*Cept and FurFright this fall. I think this is the year I start to attend more conventions, rather than just run them.
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I hate writing progress reports.
I never know just what to say, despite having a list of points to touch on.
But it will be written. It will be translated, and it will be sent out before the week is out.

News about What The Fur is coming!

Good thing it is slow at work today.
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Hello everyone!

Well, as you may have guessed, having the What The Fur calendar available for the end of 2009 just didn't happen. Though support for the project was great, we didn't receive enough submissions to make it viable.
So, we're putting out the call once more!

We would like to have a calendar available in time for the actual convention, and we want to make sure it will cover at least to the end of 2011.


Attention Artists!
Would you like to have your artwork prominantly displayed on people's kitchen walls, cubicles or bedrooms? Would you like to help support the convention and our selected charity?
Get in on the What The Fur Calendar!
We need artwork! Generally artwork that fits the convention's theme: Pirates vs Ninjas.
All artwork should be 8.5x11 (slightly smaller is acceptable). Colour or greyscale. Should be furry as well.
All we need is a high quality scan of the artwork.

You will have the undying love of the convention organizers!

If interested, please reply here or send an email to info@whatthefur.ca
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I have the What The Fur contract.
All I have to do is sign it and everything is an official, non-stop go.
I feel all tingly :) I mean, this makes everything fully official, and I get to put my name to it all.

For those of you on the edge of your seats, this means that yes, Hotel Room reservations will shortly be open. Even if the hotel has already indicated they will accept them already, give me 48 hours to finalize it all. Then the big announcement will be made and you can flood us with your love and support!

Things are moving along at a pace that I like, and things are falling into place nicely.
If you haven't already, and are interested in keeping up with all things What The Fur, sign up for our progress reports or join our forums.

In other convention news, to all of our (potential) dealers and vendors... believe me when I say that the situation that happened with Blind Ferret Entertainment (Looking For Group, Least I could Do) and Dragon*Con will not happen at WTF.
If you're curious, read up on their forum here:
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So I was a little bored lastnight when I was tinkering with What The Fur 's site, and created a quick banner ad.
If you want to link back, here it is!

In other news, we're chugging along. Registration is open, and plans are being set.
We should have the hotel room block open for reservations soon. Please do not call the hotel to register a room yet! The currently available rate is not the one we will be offering!
If you do reserve a room at the hotel before we officially open the reservations with the hotel, please let us know and we will see if there is anything we can do.
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Good Thing: Tool at work that I developped and put in place is working very well. No major issues or complaints.

Bad Thing: Throat is sore since yesterday evening. No clue what it is. Might be an infection, so will have to keep an eye on it. Better today, though.

Good Thing: I am going to be DJing at a rather sizeable Birthday thingy in a couple of months. I have the music, but must get more.

Bad Thing: need to figure out sound equipment for this as I do not have large speakers.

Good Thing: What The Fur is moving along

Bad Thing: Need more hours in the day to move it along faster.

Good Thing: umm... Weather! It is absolutely gorgeous out there today!

Bad Thing: ... I have to work on this gorgeous day.
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day 4 of 8:30 am shift start time.
Strangely, although sleeping has been an adventure unto itself, I find i'm massively more productive working the day shift.

Things I have accomplished this week:
  • Gotten the website I am working on for work almost at a testable phase. This includes getting the official font for the company, the style guides and such, as well as getting the form to request corporate intranet web space for the site.
    • This also includes the sister-site that I am developing for one of the other teams in my department
  • Been to meetings and am developing a new method for one of our partner companies to interact with us.  This is big and imacting.
  • kept on top of current job stuff.
I have to admit that I am dead tired when I get home, but getting home at around 6pm is an oddity for me. One more week of this then I go back to my nice and comfortable 11:30 start time.


On another front, I should have the WTF emails created and sent to the correct individuals by tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the delay, folks.
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not working!
Have today and monday off, so yay for long weekends!!

Currently watching a 1930's-style fan edit of Star Wars 1, 2 & 3. Downloading the second trillogy now.

Somehow, watching it like this, in silent-film form makes it amazingly more engaging, and very watchable. Surprising. Only the John Williams music.
And Jar Jar "speaks" perfect english :)


On another note, we had our first official What The Fur meeting on Sunday. it went well. I am officially chair now, voted in with no opposing voices (except my own). We're starting to pull this together. Now just to get enough done by August so we can have something ready for World Con.

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When: Sunday, March 8th, following the monfur Brunch (generally 1-pm-ish)
Where: The Warren, Mtl branch (ie: My place)
What: First planning meeting for What The Fur
-Discussion on Staff positions
-Discussion on venue, location
-Discussion on date
-Discussion on general needs

All those wanting to be on concom (as insane as you are for wanting to be) are invited. However I would ask you all to contact me. This way A) I know how many to expect (probably not too many) and B) to give directions for those who need them.

Yes, this means we're going to get this thing off the ground.

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Things to do:
-Come up with name
-Register domain
-Determine Staff (In progress, narrowing the list)
-Hold meeting
-Register org
-Start shmoozing

Meeting to come in December, the weekend of the 13/14 is looking like the best shot for now.
For those in the know, any objections?
For those out of the know, please stand by. We control the Horizontal and the Vertical. But we choose not to demonstrate our powers at this time. It has nothing at all to do with any form of technical malfunction or lack of awesome-sexy-powers, we just reserve the right to demonstrate these powers in the future. Thank you for your cooperation.


Sep. 17th, 2008 06:06 pm
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Just fielding ideas here.

Were you to start a Furry Convention, in your opinion, what are the most important things to have?
What events/areas/workshops/etc... do you, as a convention goer (or concom) feel should be present?
What are the best things you've seen and/or experienced at conventions past, wherever they may be?
What kinds of guests are important? Are guests even important at all?

(Yes, this is going somewhere. No, I won't divulge it yet. Yes, I'm probably talking to myself.)

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