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What The Fur is proud to provide you all with announcements of all types! We're now comfortably settled with things that we can reveal to you our grand plan for 2014!

We've had to get a little creative, but we've got our dates now set. What The Fur will be taking place on the weekend of the 23rd to 25th of May 2014.

After many trials and tribulations, we are happy to say that we've found our new home! In 2014 the Sheraton Montreal Airport will be our new location.
Our new home is now outside of the down town core, which means that yes, you are being taken further away from the wonderful restaurants that you've grown to love over the last four years. But fret not! There are many restaurants just to the south of the hotel, and you're closer to the West Island (which, in our opinion, has several superior eateries).
Rooms at the hotel will be $125 per night for a two-double bed room, no matter if you're four people in the room or not! Parking will be extra, but it's much less expensive than down town. And, as a bonus, if you want to come in early or stay a little later around the convention to see Montreal, we've managed to get a deal where you can stay in the hotel for the same rates anywhere from the 20th to the 28th of may!
Visit our Hotel Page for more information. Reservations can start to be made in the coming days, so expect another announcement.

We're working out the last few bugs in our registration system, and so registration will be open as of December 15th.
More information can be found on our Registration and Dealers pages, as well as informations about add-ons and upgrades.

What The Fur can't exist without people like you, our attendees. And though we all work hard to bring you the best of events and entertainment, we are always looking to be better.
If you have an idea for a panel, a workshop or an event that you think would work at What The Fur, let us know! We're always on the hunt for new things to do
But worry not! We'll be bringing back your favourites such as the Chocolate Social, the Fursuit Games and the Fursuit Hockey League, Rockband and the ever-wonderful Saturday Night Dance.
We'll be bringing you a few new things this year, so keep your eyes open on our Programming page for updates and info.
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