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Attention all secret agents!

Too many gadgets exploding in your face lately? A lack of support on your missions with the latest tools? Need a change of pace from all that action-y, in your face mission stuff?

Then we have the perfect mission for you!

What The Fur is growing, and with it, we need staff. Without staffers who help to run the con, we can't continue to put on such an amazing show. As such if you have the technical chops and energy to step up to the challenge, then we want you!

Currently the AV and IT departments are looking for staff that have experience with a wide variety of equipment. We're not going to bore you with the details, but if you've used a video camera (and no, we're not talking about your cellphone) or know what a network switch is, then drop us a line.

If you have a resume showing us your volunteer or work experience with any of these roles, all the better! If not, don't worry. Just let us know what you've done and with what tools & projects, etc. Training will be included so don't fret if you feel you may not have all the skills necessary.

Being staff can be very rewarding and helps to give us the ability to put on bigger and more technically spectacular events each year. Give us a shout now!


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