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So even though i'm not allowed to use cell functions in the hospital, i was informed my management that i would be allowed to use the phone in airplane mode (yay! Games!). So yes, i am, as i am writing this, about to pass the 48 hor mark in the emergency room. I will be posting this when able. (a nice nurse allowed me a quick connection! Yay!)
So what put me in here? Technically, a cold. Realistically, my stupidd body. See, Friday i started a cold. Okay, i can deal with this. An advil cold&sinus kept it at bay until the afternoon, took another when i got home. All good.
Saturday was the amazing Fursuit Snow Tubing. The advil worked again, but i think that the conditions made things worse. sunday i really didn't feel well, so didn't go to brunch. Monday woke up feeling about the same, but was much harder to breathe.
I felt i was overtaking the blue pump, so in the evening i went to the hospital. Been here since. I'm on 3 different puffers every 4 hours, a push of anti-inflamatory every 4 hours, antibiotics in the morning, they're supplying me with my blood pressure medication... Oh, and i've given 7 viles of blood so far (it is Wednesday at 6pm), on the 3rd entry of an IV (the first missed, and the second slipped sometime lastnight)
I've had two prick tests for blood sugar, both say it's okay. But i'm still suffering. Lungs are congested still. Weak, as in walking to the washroom 20 feet away makes me pant for breath. My blood oxygen level is somewhere around 92 ... Should be 100. So yeah, also have the nasal oxygen tube on... And now been through 1 700 page novel, and about 1/4 into the second.
I sould be moving to a semi private room sometime tonight. Once there's a vacancy.

For the record, i think this is a wakeup call for me. I most likely won't be able to do all the things i am used to doing, and it'll likely be a while before i can do the walk to work again. Hell, i'm probably going to be on short term disability due to this. There is no way i am going back this week, and probably not next. First time in ever i have been this bad off.
On the plus side, i've met some very nice folks here in the ER, and witnessed an old woman's progression into dimentia... very not a nice thing.
I'll update this later with more info.

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